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…but if you use stick figures (Yes, stick figures!) to explain the credit crisis, then the problem gets easier to graps. I can explain in general the credit cresis but let’s face it, it’s sure is a deep and complex problem that the world of finance got itself into in the last year. I found today from the telegraph.co.uk website, a great stick figures sketch that explains the credit crisis. Check it out here, you won’t regret it (and there’s a little touch of humour also).


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The subprime crisis is sure is one important financial crisis, but we have to admit, unless you are an experience banker, security analysis, or economists, this subprime crisis is quite hard to explain or to understand. Watch this video below and you will understand a little more…let’s say you will gain an overall understanding of the big picture of this subprime crisis with a little comedy touch:

I want to people to also understand that being creative and using comedy is a great vehicle to make a hard topic to explain more easy… and simply more fun to learn about it.

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