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Beside financial magazines such as Bloomberg or Business Week, I find that many (certainly students at universtiy) are unaware of finance newsletters. Finance newsletters, are mostly written by one author who has a lot of experience in the economic/financial world from previous or current jobs. These professionals would like to share their views of the economic financial world daily with as many readers as possible but since it demands a lot of work, reasearch analysis, many of those financial newsletters are not free. You can compare newsletters with blogs but you will find that overall, newsletters have a deeper insight in the world of finance than any regular financial blogs you can find due to the amount of reaserch and understanding of economics. When I say not free, they are costly (above $100, $200++ more for weekly letters) such as the great valueline.

The insight of knowledge you can gain from these letters are absolutely amazing. From more advanced asset allocation, to understanding the current economy, to individual stock analysis (for active investors), to new asset class, etc… Just anything you can imagine. I first heard about newsletters when I read “The Dick Davis Dividend” (2007). Dick Davis has a 40 years old and more experience in writting newsletters (the funniest thing is that he never recommended a stock). Dick Davis newsletters are not free but you MUST check is book to have an amazing overview of its understanding of investment from the past 40 years.

But are there any FREE and GOOD newsletters? YES THERE IS!

First one, my favorite is John Mauldin’s Thoughts from the Frontline. This is a great overall letter that covers multiple financial components on a weekly basis.

Second one, the American Association Individual Investor (AAII) is excellent too.

A third letter is not about finance, its about Geopolitics. George Friedman, founder of Stratfor has a weekly free newsletters (only the newsletters on his website is free but the rest is not) about anything that goes on in the political world in deep analysis, well written and easy to understand. For instance, I didn’t know much about why Russia and Georgia went to war but thanks to these letters (1) (2), I got a pretty good deep understanding of this war. But why am I talking about a newsletters that covers Geopolitics and not Finance. Easy! To be successful in the world of finance, you must understand what goes in the political world.

That’s it! Enjoy these newsletters! You won’t regret it and you’ll be hooked and addicted to them…that’s for sure!


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From the great book Dick Davis’ Dividend by Dick Davis; here’s the best way to describe the market:

“Like a boxer, the investor’s first step toward winning is knowing what to expect from his adversary…. He should know that the market goes to extremes in both directions, that it can be both the supportive, caring, seductive lover and the cruel, cold, insidious antagonist; that it can cause euphoria and exhilaration or anger, fear and despair. He should know that the market can change its mood on a dime; that it can be capricious, enigmatic, and ornery; and that mostly it can be dull, listless, and boring.”

Just simply well said… I wanted to share it with more people.

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