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A great simple blog post by marketing guru Seth Godin

Be open minded and be curious…that’s what you need!

Managers, encourage your workers to ask “why?”.


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Can someone tell me if you ever had any interesting, unexpected, and/or unpredictable questions at a job interview? Don’t you find this dumb that HR tends to ask all the same questions like “what are your qualities, weaknesses…why this job”? I mean, c’mon, people go to Interview workshops at their University to learn how to answer these questions and when they go to an interview, they just recite all their qualities they have learned by heart. When will be the day that HR interview questions will be unpredictible like “what’s your dream in life”, “What makes you get out of bed everyday”, “What are your true passions”…  these questions are not hard to ask but it can catch the candidate out of sync and the highly creative and outside the box thinkers will love those questions. For HR, this is a great opportunity to find who are the truly motivated and open minded candidate because they will be able to see if they have fire in their eyes or not. HR shouldn’t expect that what makes the candidate go up in the morning is because they dream to have the open position but simply see if the candidate is just a natural motivated person in life.

Only then, should HR pursue with interview questions that are particular to the position (i.e. if they have the required skills set). If HR starts with these 3 questions at the start of the interview, they will see pretty fast if they can be considered real potential candidates for the job.

Would you have any good questions that you would suggest to a HR person?

side note: I believe that opened minded is one of the best quality of a human being.

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